Hazrati Imam Complex

Religious Center of Tashkent

Hazrati Imam Complex

Complex Hast-Imam has already been retaining its importance as a religious center of Tashkent for several centuries. Hast-Imam(Hazrati Imam) is located in an ancient part of the city among the old, daub houses which survived the earthquake of 1966.

Abu Bakr Mohammed Kaffal Shashi one of the pioneer preachers of Tashkent city, whom people used to call as Hazrati Imam was connoisseur of Koran and Hadith science, thus the Imam(preacher) caused appearance of the present ensemble Hast-Imam.

Tilla Sheikh mosque, holy mausoleum of Hazrati Imam, Imam al Bukhari Islamic Intitution and madrasah Barak-Khan(XVI century) are also located along the area of Kast Imam.

Furthermore, rich library of eastern manuscripts where kept holy book of Muslim world Holy Koran is one of the major reasons visiting the complex, since that very worldwide popular caliph Uthman's Koran(Ottoman's Koran) consisting of 353 parchment sheets is preserved here. This very holy Koran "traveled" through some cities of Arabian countries such as Medina, Damascus, Baghdad, eventually over the initiative of Amir Temur appeared in Uzbekistan.

Mosque Hazrati Imam obtained its new look in 2007. A present composition of the ensemble consists of two minarets(towers) and the mosque itself, preserving the architecture of XVI century. During the sunny period of a year one can easily come across storks along the area of complex, and in the evenings due to created ambience by architects the aura of ancient East is felt.


  • City: Tashkent
  • Address: Almazar district, Zarqaynar street 106