History of Uzbekistan State Museum

The national history under the one roof

History of Uzbekistan State Museum

History of Uzbekistan State Museum is one of the oldest museums in Central Asia which was established 136 years ago. Composition of the museum consists of 250 thousand exhibits representing history of Uzbekistan from primitive societies to the present period. Around 60 thousand archeological, more than 80 thousand numismatic and 16 thousand ethnographic objects belonging to various periods of Uzbekistan history are performed on four floors of the museum.

There is an exhibition gallery on the ground floor, where performances on variable topics often take place. The first floor of the museum is devoted to exhibits representing ages till the Timurids dynasty period. Here one can find from early primitive tools to the exhibits of middle ages - witnessing prosperity of civilization in Central Asia. There are exhibits belonging to the period of three khanates on the second floor. During the regime of khans (monarchs) the territory of Uzbekistan was divided into three parts. Later khanates were renamed as emirates however the type of government system did not vary than that of khanates.

Moving up to the third floor, you will be among the exhibits representing new section of Uzbekistan history – 19 - 21 centuries. Early theatrical posters, magazines and papers of jadids (a writer and sociologist, who promoted independency ideas) photos and tapes belonging to the period of Russian Empire ruling period over Central Asia are collected here.


  • City: Toshkent
  • Address: Rashidov shoh ko'chasi, 3