State Museum of Timurids History

History of Timur and his successors

State Museum of Timurids History

History of Timurids State Museum was opened in 1996 by the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov’s initiative, in honor of celebrating Amir Timur’s 660th anniversary. During 2007 – 2011 years fundamental research project on “Studying written reflections of Timurids’ age abroad and inside of Uzbekistan” was accomplished, as a result documents and materials representing Timurids’ era were collected and delivered to Uzbekistan.

According to the National State Agency found of the museum consists of more than 5000 exhibits. The main exhibit of the museum is a copy of Otthoman Koran, the original version of which is kept in madrasah Muyi Muborak, inside the Khazrati Imam Ensemble. The rest exhibits of the museum are classified by proper subjects representing variable periods of Timurids’ age. The gorgeous decoration of the building itself is a – 8.5 meters-high, consisting of 106 thousand illuminations, hanging over the main hall of museum – crystal chandelier.

The location of the museum was chosen purposely, since the Amir Timur Square and the monument of conqueror are both holding the position just in several steps from the building’s front door.


  • City: Toshkent
  • Address: Yunusobod tumani, Amir Temur ko'chasi 1