Arisu Sarang

Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant

Arisu Sarang

Restaurant "Arisu Sarang Sushi & Bar" is made under the all traditions of Korean culture. The whole eastern contrasts are collected here. The restaurant demonstrates its clients how the Korean cuisine might be popular and how looks like modern Japanese cuisine. Additionally the place can boast on its interesting European cuisine menu.

The centrally located restaurant allows visitors to visit the place easily. You will be welcomed on the very threshold by the unique ambience, where the details of art fill the design of the interior. The brightly decorated restaurant design expresses the high level of quality.

Restaurant "Arisu Sarang" offers the variable types of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks on its long bar counter. Moreover titled chiefs, professional service by the staff and live music complement the content of the restaurant.

Restaurant "Arisu Sarang Sushi & Bar" is the wealthy history which keeps representing the traditions of eastern culture.


  • City: Tashkent
  • Address: Chekhov street